The Ohana Family

"Family, relative, kin group; related. 'ohana nui, extended family". At Ohana, you are part of our family. Click Meet us below to meet the Ohana Team!

The Ohana Story


Ohana is the Hawaiian name for family. Ohana Community Management Services, LLC. has based its management philosophy on one of a Ohana or small family caring for a community of families or 'Ohana Nui' which means large or extended families. With over 27-years experience in community management throughout the Valley, Don DeBaca has served over 15,000 "Ohana."  Don has also served on the Board of Directors of the Imperial of Waikiki Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After watching the larger firms work for themselves and not the families they managed caring more about their 'bottom line' or shareholders and the unreasonable fees they were charging by bidding smaller management contracts and then billing the communities excessive amounts of money through the additional services they must provide to make an association run, Don felt the idea of making community management more affordable to the communities, providing a 'Hands On' and 24-hour level of service was a more efficient way to go.

Ohana Community Management Services proudly serves the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association which Don has been the General Manager of for over 18-years. Ohana Management is a family owned and operated business that offers the families they serve the attention to detail that is required.

With over 17-years in professional sports, we understand that the word "Team" is not just a catch-phrase used in the industry. More importantly, it is the backbone of Ohana Management's philosophy. We are simply a member of a team made up of the Board of Directors and Committees!

Don DeBaca (Center) San Francisco Giants, 1980

Don DeBaca (with Art Shell) Los Angeles Raiders Sideline, 1990